How does the TRNG work?

Everybody knows traditional lottery drawing machines filled with numbered balls which pop out to bring a draw result. They are widely used all over the world but unfortunately many question the fairness of the process.

This is why GG International developed TRNG – True Random Number Generator. It is unique on a world-scale level by integrating the RNG system into a provably fair application.

The algorithm is based on quantum physical processes which are fundamentally random.

Subatomic particles’ behavior at the quantum level is one of the few completely random processes in nature. From the quantum physics point of view, light consists of elementary “particles” called photons. Photons exhibit a random behavior in certain situations.

One such situation, which is very well suited to the generation of binary random numbers, is the transmission upon a semi-transparent mirror. The fact that a photon incident on such a component be reflected or transmitted is intrinsically random and cannot be influenced by any external parameters.

The core of the generator contains the optical elements that are used to implement the random process and produce random outcomes. It comprises a light emitting diode producing the photons, a transmission element, where the random process takes place, and two single-photon detectors – detectors with single-photon resolution – to record the outcomes. This way, a binary result is obtained, which gets converted to decimal reading, thus providing the draw results.

TRNG has been approved and certified by Gaming Laboratories International, a global leader in gaming and lottery testing, with nearly 30 years of industry experience, and their work is trusted by regulators in more than 475 jurisdictions worldwide.